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Monday, 26 October 2015
5 more Spam from Bradley
lucas2d44@gmail.com needs LOTS of email. He spends his day spamming blocks. SUCH a fool.
Posted By P.Brown at 10:33 AM in Category:Internet

Bradley at lucas2d44@gmail.com is a Spammer
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Posted By P.Brown at 10:32 AM in Category:Internet
Sunday, 25 October 2015
Send Bradley Emails
Bradley is a spammer. lucas2d44gmail.com
Posted By P.Brown at 11:03 PM in Category:Internet

calls himself Bradley, operates under lucas2d44@gmail.com. Be sure to send him lots of email.
Posted By P.Brown at 9:30 AM in Category:Internet

Send Bradley The Pervert Email
lucas2d44@gmail.com Likes to spam blogs. you all need to send him emails. He likes boys, the younger the better.
Posted By P.Brown at 12:25 AM in Category:Life
Wednesday, 4 March 2015
No Representation
We conservatives have been lied to once again. This only proves that there is no difference between the majority of democrats and the majority of republicans - they both lie and the republicans don't even bother to represent their constituency. Why bother to vote if the outcome is going to be the legislative branch succumbing to the illegal actions of the executive branch. Apparently the Constitution has been thrown out with the bath water.

Yes, today the GOP CAVED and will now fund the DHS without any caveat to stop what they openly say are illegal actions by Barack Hussein Obama. John Traitor Boehner has openly stated that he believes Obama's actions are illegal. Now tell me HOW can anyone vote to fund an illegal action?

It was constitutional duty of the legislative branch to stop Obama's illegal actions by any means available. It is hypocritical and certainly a dereliction of duty when the legislative branch openly admits that the executive branch is committing illegal actions, but we'll fund them anyway. I am angry and feel totally betrayed. What on earth is the difference between a democrat and a caving republican that gives into the democrats EVEN when they KNOW the actions are ILLEGAL!
Posted By P.Brown at 4:50 PM in Category:Politics

Why Is Obama Making a Deal with the Devil
Barack Hussein Obama is holding not so secret talks with Iran, our enemy, and making a deal with the devil. Accepting Iran's nuclear program because Obama doesn't think their intentions are destructive is naive and stupid. Here's what a REAL leader has to say about Iran's recent history:
Iran's goons in Gaza, its lackeys in Lebanon, its revolutionary guards on the Golan Heights are clutching Israel with three tentacles of terror. Backed by Iran, Assad is slaughtering Syrians. Back by Iran, Shiite militias are rampaging through Iraq. Back by Iran, Houthis are seizing control of Yemen, threatening the strategic straits at the mouth of the Red Sea. Along with the Straits of Hormuz, that would give Iran a second choke-point on the worlds oil supply.
Now does this sound like a country that should be allowed to build a nuclear weapon right under our noses?
Posted By P.Brown at 12:06 PM in Category:Politics
Friday, 20 February 2015
The End of the Chris Kyle Story
This is why America will remain strong. We take care of our own as well as others who may not deserve taking care of. I just wanted to share with you all that out of a horrible tragedy we were blessed by so many people.

Chris Kyle was Derek's teammate through 10 years of training and battle.They both suffer/suffered from PTSD to some extent and took great care of each other because of it.

2006 in Ramadi was horrible for young men that never had any more aggressive physical contact with another human than on a Texas football field.

They lost many friends. Chris became the armed services number #1 sniper of all time. Not something he was happy about, other than the fact that in so doing, he saved a lot of American lives.

Three years ago, his wife Taya asked him to leave the SEAL teams because he had a huge bounty on his head by Al Qaeda. He did and wrote the book "The American Sniper." 100% of the proceeds from the book went to two of the SEAL families who had lost their sons in Iraq.

That was the kind of guy Chris was. He formed a company in Dallas to train military, police and I think firemen how to protect themselves in difficult situations. He also formed a foundation to work with military people suffering from PTSD. Chris was a giver not a taker.

He, along with a friend and neighbor, Chad Littlefield, were murdered trying to help a young man that had served six months in Iraq and claimed to have PTSD. Now I need to tell you about all of the blessings.

Southwest Airlines flew in any SEAL and their family from any airport to the funeral... free of charge.

The employees donated buddy passes and one lady worked for four days without much of a break to see that it happened.
Volunteers were at both airports in Dallas to drive them to the hotel. The Marriott Hotel reduced their rates to $45 a night and cleared the hotel for only SEALs and family.

The Midlothian, TX Police Department paid the $45 a night for each room. I would guess there were about 200 people staying at the hotel, 100 of them were SEALs. Two large buses were chartered (an unknown donor paid the bill)to transport people to the different events and they also had a few rental cars (donated). The police and secret service were on duty 24 hours during the stay at our hotel.

At the Kyle house, the Texas DPS parked a large motor home in front to block the view from reporters. It remained there the entire five days for the SEALs to meet in and so they could use the restroom there instead of the bathroom in the house. Taya, their two small children and both sets of parents were staying in the home.

Only a hand full of SEALs went into the home as they had different duties and meetings were held sometimes on a hourly basis. It was a huge coordination of many different events and security. Derek was assigned to be a Pall Bearer, to escort Chris' body when it was transferred from the Midlothian Funeral Home to the Arlington Funeral Home, and to be with Taya. A tough job.

Taya seldom came out of her bedroom. The house was full with people from the church and other family members that would come each day to help. I spent one morning in a bedroom with Chris' mom and the next morning with Chad Littlefield's parents (the other man murdered with Chris). A tough job.

George W Bush and his wife Laura met and talked to everyone on the Seal Team one on one. They went behind closed doors with Taya for quite a while. They had prayer with us all. You can tell when people were sincere and caring.

Nolan Ryan sent his cooking team, a huge grill and lots of steaks, chicken and hamburgers. They set up in the front yard and fed people all day long including the 200 SEALs and their families. The next day a local BBQ restaurant set up a buffet in front of the house and fed all once again. Food was plentiful and all were taken care of. The family's church kept those inside the house well fed.

Jerry Jones, the man everyone loves to hate, was a rock star. 0He made sure that we all were taken care of. His wife and he were just making sure everyone was taken care of..Class... He donated the use of Cowboy Stadium for the services because so many wanted to attend.

The charter buses transported us to the stadium on Monday at 10:30 am. Every car, bus, motorcycle was searched with bomb dogs and police. I am not sure if kooks were making threats trying to make a name for themselves or if so many SEALs in one place was a security risk, I don't know. We willingly obliged. No purses went into the stadium!

We were taken to The Legends room high up and a large buffet was available. That was for about 300 people. We were growing. A Medal of Honor recipient was there, lots of secret service and police and Sarah Palin and her husband. She looked nice, this was a very formal military service.

The service started at 1:00 pm and when we were escorted onto the field I was shocked. We heard that about 10,000 people had come to attend also. They were seated in the stadium seats behind us. It was a beautiful and emotional service.

The Bagpipe and drum corps were wonderful and the Texas A&M men's choir stood through the entire service and sang right at the end. We were all in tears.

The next day was the 200-mile procession from Midlothian, TX to Austin for burial. It was a cold, drizzly, windy day, but the people were out. We had dozens of police motorcycles riders, freedom riders, five chartered buses and lots of cars. You had to have a pass to be in the procession and still it was huge. Two helicopters circled the procession with snipers sitting out the side door for protection. It was the longest funeral procession ever in the state of Texas. People were everywhere. The entire route was shut down ahead of us, the people were lined up on the side of the road the entire way. Firemen were down on one knee, police officers were holding their hats over their hearts, children waving flags, veterans saluting as we went by. Every bridge had fire trucks with large flags displayed from their tall ladders, people all along the entire 200 miles were standing in the cold weather. It was so heartwarming. Taya rode in the hearse with Chris' body so Derek rode the route with us. I was so grateful to have that time with him.

The service was at Texas National Cemetery. Very few are buried there and you have to apply to get in. It is like people from the Civil War, Medal of Honor winners, a few from the Alamo and all the historical people of Texas.

It was a nice service and the Freedom Riders surrounded the outside of the entire cemetery to keep the crazy church people from Kansas that protest at military funerals away from us.

Each SEAL put his Trident (metal SEAL badge) on the top of Chris' casket, one at a time. A lot hit it in with one blow. Derek was the only one to take four taps to put his in and it was almost like he was caressing it as he did it. Another tearful moment.

After the service Governor Rick Perry and his wife, Anita, invited us to the governor's mansion. She stood at the door, greeted each of us individually, and gave each of the SEALs a coin of Texas. She was a sincere, compassionate, and gracious hostess.

We were able to tour the ground floor and then went into the garden for beverages and BBQ. So many of the Seal team guys said that after they get out they are moving to Texas. They remarked that they had never felt so much love and hospitality. The charter buses then took the guys to the airport to catch their returning flights. Derek just now called and after a 20 hours flight he is back in his spot, in a dangerous land on the other side of the world, protecting America.

We just wanted to share with you, the events of a quite emotional, but blessed week.


To this day, no one in the White House has ever acknowledged Chris Kyle. - his service, his death, his duty, his generosity, his caring, his life.

However, the President can call a sports person and congratulate him on hisbravery for announcing to the world that he is gay. He can say on national television say that someone, a man who has committed a crime, and was shot by police in the line of duty, would have made him a good son. The SEALS have asked that you please, keep this moving if you think Chris Kyle would have made a good son.
Posted By P.Brown at 1:12 AM in Category:Profound
Thursday, 19 February 2015
Obama and ISIS
This past weeks news on Obama and his administration's reaction to ISIS is beyond belief. First his state department hack to tell Americans that we need to explore a jobs program for ISIS so they will stop killing. She further explains that we can't possibly win a war against ISIS by killing them. You really have to feel for her parents as they realize that their money was wasted on a college education for this woman.

Next we read that a contractor hired by the CIA says that ISIS is merely a figment of our minds. The USA supposedly created ISIS out of fiction. But then the weird thing after telling us ISIS is fiction, he tells us the USA created and funded ISIS. Folks, it's time to get SCARED that the CIA even allowed this man into the building!

Obama, who went golfing a few hours after ISIS brutally murdered 15 Egyptian Christians told his audience at the White House Counter Terrorism Measures that ISIS is not a religious terror organization, yet he doesn't explain why it is Christians that are the ones being brutally murdered.
"They propogate the notion that America, and the west generally, is at war with Islam; that's how they recruit, that's how they try to radicalize young people," he said. "Just as leaders like myself reject the notion that terrorists like ISIL genuinely represent Islam, Muslim leaders need to do more to discredit the notion that our nations are determined to suppress Islam."
Haven't we heard that one needs to know their enemy in order to win any battle with them? It's quite clear that Obama and his administration do not know their enemy and are in total denial as to who ISIS is.

If all that is not enough to chill your bones, note that the ONLY religion present at the WH summit on terrorism was Islam and a Muslim prayer was offered at the beginning of the summit.
Posted By P.Brown at 12:06 PM in Category:IDIOCY
Saturday, 7 February 2015
Response to Obama Lecture on Crusades
Ever opening up on his true "religious" feelings (now that all the elections are over for him), Obama continues to push forth Islam as a religion of peace and to slam Christianity. Taking another opportunity to poke his fingers in the eyes of America, Obama used the National Prayer Breakfast to push forth Islam one more time even though Islamic extremists killed yet another innocent person this week - this time by burning their victim alive. After all, Obama lectured, the Christian Crusades killed a lot of people in their holy wars. And of course, why not accuse Christians of supporting slavery even without evidence.

While it is true that many ugly things have been done in the name of Christ, the Bible does not advocate violence unlike the Koran. In addition, no one is defending or in any way idolizing the behavior.

Louisiana Governor responded to Obama's lecture
"It was nice of the President to give us a history lesson at the Prayer breakfast," Jindal said. "Today, however, the issue right in front of his nose, in the here and now, is the terrorism of Radical Islam, the assassination of journalists, the beheading and burning alive of captives. We will be happy to keep an eye out for runaway Christians, but it would be nice if he would face the reality of the situation today. The Medieval Christian threat is under control, Mr. President. Please deal with the Radical Islamic threat today."
Posted By P.Brown at 11:37 AM in Category:IDIOCY
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