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Sunday, 21 October 2012
Get Ready for the Gloria Allred Story
Gloria Allred, known for surfacing stories that never seem to pan out as truth but in the mean time do enough damage that she can feel politically proud.

It seems Allred is shopping a new old story. This story is meant to sway the election in favor of Allred's preferred candidate, Barack Hussein Obama. Truth? Who cares about truth when one is attempting to turn an election?

Seems Allred is ready to trot out some women from the Mormon church who will say Mitt Romney, as a church elder, counseled them when they were considering abortion. That much of the story may indeed be truth, depending on the names. However, the part of the story that is suppose to offend women is that the women supposedly will say that Mitt Romney was "insensitive" to them. Okay, anyone want to define "insensitive"? I'm sure Allred has her definition. Do remember Allred suggesting she's trot out women to malign Herman Cain when he appeared to be the preferred GOP candidate. He dropped out of the race and the story just disappeared!

The Mormon faith, like many other religious faiths, does not believe in abortion. In fact many religions teach that aborting a baby is the murder of a human being. I myself believe that. However, that religious belief does not mean that one will, as Barack Hussein Obama has done so many times in the last 4 years (with the Dream Act that was never passed by Congress and health control), subvert the law of the land to prevent others from having an abortion - which is what Gloria Allred and Barack Obama want you to believe.

Obama is in desperation mode. He is losing the election. He'd be willing to convince you of whatever is most near and dear to you to win. Gloria Allred is merely a trump card that Obama is willing to play to garner votes. Are you that dumb? Will you really allow Barack Obama to use you as a tool?

When Allred drops her story days before the election, never giving Mitt Romney a chance to answer the charges, please remember the accusation by the Obama campaign that Mitt Romney caused the death of a woman by her husband becoming uninsured... Later proved to be a lie. The charges that Mitt Romney didn't pay taxes for 10 years by Obama operative Harry Reid, which also proved to be a lie; and the suggestion by the Obama campaign that Mitt Romney is a felon.

There is no low to which the Owe won't go.
Posted By P.Brown at 3:51 PM in Category:Politics
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