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Wednesday, 30 January 2013
For Those In Despair For America
Charlie Daniels wrote a beautiful blog post yesterday that provides encouragement to those of us in despair for America.

First Mr. Daniels echos what many of us fear:
I fear the rampant apathy and lackadaisical work ethic of the entitlement society will become so deeply ingrained in the coming generations that the nanny state policies of this president and others like him who are likely to be elected will gradually drain the wealth and the will of the population until the well is bone dry and the confusion and anger of those who are suddenly left to fend for themselves will overrun the streets of this nation resulting in chaos and bloodshed.
But then Mr. Daniels reminds us who is really in charge and reminds Christians that we already know how this will all turn out.
This earth with all its awesome military might, pompous politicians, mega-rich magnates and all the evil the powers of darkness can bring to bear are no more than a grain of sand compared to the indescribable power of the One who created the planets and flung them out across endless space, He who can part the sea and make the sun stand still.
Read the whole blog post, it's beautiful!
Posted By P.Brown at 8:02 AM in Category:Profound
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