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Sunday, 7 August 2011
So, pretty darned f'ked
Those are the words of Obama's previous Chair of the Economic Advisors, Christina Romer when speaking with Bill Maher about the US economy and the US debt downgrade. Harry Reid said it just means we have to find a "balanced approach" to the debt. No, he's not talking Cut, Cap and Balance - Dingy Harry wants more taxes!

China has a different take than Dingy Harry. China says the US must cure its addition to debt and start living within its means. Could that mean that Congress should stop spending us into debt oblivion?
Beijing, which did not release any other official statement on the downgrade, called on Washington to make substantial cuts to its "gigantic military expenditure" and its "bloated social welfare" programs.
Perhaps we should let other countries defend themselves?

Standard & Poor warns of yet another downgrade in US debt instruments. Obama follows with a comment that the US congress needs to be less divisive when dealing with the debt ceiling. Funny coming from a man who insisted it would be his way or the highway. The US House passed two different resolutions that the US Senate and the President refused, one was Cut, Cap, and Balance. It takes two sides to refuse a compromise, yet only one side got called terrorists - newly elected GOP Congressmen - because they dared to represent the people who elected them. Now the rhetoric from the left is to blame the very Representatives that actually represented the majority desire of the American people. But then one must remember that the left believes "representation" means voting for what government believes is best for the little people. 62% of the American people want Congress emptied out and replaced. 52% were against the debt ceiling deal struck by Congress, while only 44% supported it according to the liberal biased CNN! The out-of-touch President Obama claimed that 80% of Americans supported his plan to tax and redistribute.

So where was President Obama after this disastrous news? Golfing of course!
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