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Wednesday, 16 January 2013
House Proposes to Reverse Fed Pay Raises by Executive Order
Several weeks ago, Barack Hussein Obama used an executive order to by pass Congress and raise the pay of federal workers (including VP Biden, Congress, Judges and all other Federal workers). Today a bill was proposed in the House to reverse these pay raises which would cost taxpayers $11 Billion.

Owebama just doesn't get it. The nation is totally out of money. Our current debt exceeds $16.4 trillion and is rising by the day; however, Owebama merely talks about cutting spending, while he continues to spend.

And while we are discussing reversing Owebama's executive orders, Rand Paul is proposing to push legislation which will reverse the 23 executive orders issued by Owebama today on gun control. These executive orders include making changes to current doctor patient relationships and allowing (encouraging) doctors to ask patients about the guns they own! Apparently this executive order, in combination with a couple others, will make the federal government not part of the HIPPA law that requires doctors and hospitals to NOT share patient information without the permission of the patient. So much for electronic health records and annual reporting to the IRS under OwebamaCare.
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